Monday, December 29, 2008

beyoncé in gareth pugh. who would have thought?

Beyonce in Gareth Pugh. Who would have thought? Beyonces performance at the EMA’s 2008 with “If I where a boy” was great, I got goose-skin and normally I’m not a Beyonce fan. Also her body looked damn hot in Gareth’s creation although I’m more a skinny bitch lover. Just her bling bling earrings weren’t adapted okay and this ‘strange-old-superhero-dragon-whatever-knight’ glove was too much. Anyway really untypical for her ‘cause she’s the classic Pop-Diva not the “avant-garde” woman. But everybody changes his/her look in the run of his/her life.
'Her fashion evolution could be credited to her nemesis Rihanna who’s always had a stylish edge over her rival. It could also be down to Etta James. Beyonce plays Etta in the new movie Cadillac and it appears the character left an impression on her. Is it all a little too late? Often criticized for being boring and ostentatious can Beyonce ever be a style icon in your eyes? Or will she forever be an over-styled pop diva?
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