Thursday, January 29, 2009

with walls of the deepest blue as door to the universe

"only twelve years old
his biggest love story has already ended
'rainbows wept color all over the street when you went away' he whispered
ghost horses were floating in blue
drowning in red
dying in yellow
owls on their trees were watching the scene
in that night when everyone knew.

the night floods in
when you kissed me I felt life begin
I heard sweet sounds of a piano
and above us
the moons light like a crystal stream
feelings like tidal waves

maybe one day we’ll meet again
in the strangest ways
now I’m standing by the sea
I can’t seem to forget your beautiful face
I never cared that you’re a boy
like me.

mother was crying
with a rosary in her hands
her tears turned to diamonds
and burst on the floor
it was then revealed that our first kiss
was our last kiss.

young boy in this Italian village
where nobody understands
that these lovers
are lovers forever."

/// written in May 08

(haunting me
haunting me
haunting me
like a fucking ghost)


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