Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Databases Added - Automotive & Business

Library Services has added three new databases to support students in the automotive and business/management/marketing programs at Medicine Hat College. The new databases are:


ALLDATA Online replaces the Chilton Library database for students in the automotive program. This database is a powerful, easy-to-use resource for automotive technicians requiring information about vehicles that includes, but is not limited to: diagnostic trouble codes, diagrams, part locations, specifications, and technical service bulletins, etc. The database provides information for most vehicle makes and models since 1982 and is updated regularly.


This Hoover's Inc. database contains industry profiles, call prep sheets, and provincial and state profiles. These resources, "are essential for call preparation, enhancing presentations, underwriting credit, and for quickly learning a company's key business issues."

Monthly statistics and quarterly trend updates for more than 900 industry segments. This database also provides monthly employment, business, and real estate trends in each of the Canadian provinces and US states.


Hoover's is a database that provides comprehensive information and profiles about companies and industries, and the people that run them. This resource also provides news feeds about those companies, industry, and people. It is updated regularly.

With the exception of ALLDATA Online, the databases are accessible by staff and students from on-campus or at home. If you are having trouble connecting, please contact Library Services via:
You can view our database collection by clicking here.


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