Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Library User of the Month - December 2010

Adrienne Lattery
Instructor, Division of Business

At MHC, we won the library lottery and boy oh boy, we won the jackpot! Our library is #1 in service! Why? One of MANY reasons is that instructors, staff, and most importantly, students, can send a text message, use online messenger, or send an email and staff from the library will actually respond to your message . . . with an answer! If it wasn’t for the library, I don’t think I would have ever completed my MBA. When I was going through the rigors of the program, the library showed me how to use their online databases. These tools saved me so much time because they enable you to find articles in periodical publications such as journals, magazines, and newspapers by typing only a few words! Back in my day we actually had to read a book in order to see if it contained anything valuable for research.

A BIG thank-you to the library staff for everything they do and thank-you for choosing me as Library User of the Month!


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