Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Library User of the Month - January 2011

Jonathan Horsman
Instructor, Division of Science

As library user of the month, I would like to thank the library staff for the premier service they provide to all library users at Medicine Hat College. The quality of staff determines the difference between a good library and an exceptional library and we truly have an exceptional library. I find I look forward to my almost daily ritual of visiting the library staff for a friendly smile and helpful service. The library provides the resources and environment for students to pursue their dreams and achieve their academic goals while at Medicine Hat College. It is usually the first place I look for my research, education, and technology needs. It is truly one-stop shopping, except it doesn’t cost you a penny. I hope everyone takes a minute out of their day to thank the staff of the Vera Bracken Library for their exceptional commitment to quality resources and exceptional service.


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